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ISSAT - Aeropace-related training Catalog

Institut au Service du Spatial, de ses Applications et Technologies
10, avenue Édouard-Belin  - BP 54032
31055 Toulouse CEDEX 4

Feel free to contact us by e-mail in the following cases

  1. If you use this catalog and you have specific questions about its contents
  2. If you are already listed in the catalog and want to make changes to the description of some courses, or to the description of your establishment,
  3. If you are a teacher and want your establishment to be listed in the catalog

In this case, thank you to send us by e-mail the following pieces of information:

  • Name of your organization: University and department / Engineering school
    with CTI agreement (university affiliation if applicable) / or Other Establishment,
  • Acronym,
  • Address, région, school,
  • Phone, fax, e-mail, website,
  • Contact details for someone who will represent the “organisation” with regards do the catalog,
  • Organisation’s logo.

If you are a teacher and you wish to introduce one or more courses...

If your establishment or part of the university is listed in the catalogue, then to introduce one or more courses you can go straight to the section On-line training registration.

Of course, we remain at your disposal for any clarification or if you encounter some difficulties.