Aerospace related training


This site gathers, at a national level, various training courses, either academic, continuous or by apprenticeships, related to aeronautics and space and delivered by organizations which agreed to be indexed in this catalogue.

Several search keys to reach and know about the aerospace training courses are proposed in the Training heading. In addition to information on the delivered diplomas, the admission requirements, etc., the training cards emphasize the studied aerospace-related sets of themes.

The list of these sets of themes contributing to aeronautics and space and which are used as reference to our catalogue is consultable below.

The Organisations heading allows obtaining more precise information on the training organisms, and to reach their specific sites.

This electronic catalogue gathers the training courses that various requested organizations have agreed to transmit to ISSAT for registration. ISSAT cannot be held responsible for the contents of the descriptions of the training course as well as information on these organizations. This site in addition contains links towards other sites. ISSAT also declines any responsibility for these contents.



  1. Aerospace systems environment (space and launch environment, meteorology, climatic regimes, electromagnetic fields, lightning,...)
  2. Vehicle dynamics (flight mechanics, trajectories, attitude control...)
  3. Mechanical architecture (materials, structures, structural dynamics,..)
  4. Electrical architecture and energy management
  5. Thermal architecture and control
  6. Electronic and computer systems, time synchronization, sensors and actuators
  7. Fluid dynamics
  8. Localization, Navigation
  9. Communications systems and techniques
  10. Propulsion
  11. Man/machine Interface, Operations
  12. Space Exploration
  13. Remote sensing, GIS
  14. Aeronautics, Space and Society: Safety of people and goods, environmental protection (noise, pollution, space debris,...), space medicine, social sciences, law and regulations,...
  15. Project management, product assurance and reliability, quality, standardization
  16. System Engineering, design, qualification tests, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance


Currently 684 training courses presented by 253 organisations