Aerospace related training

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  1. Aerospace systems environment (space and launch environment, meteorology, climatic regimes, electromagnetic fields, lightning,...)
  2. Vehicle dynamics (flight mechanics, trajectories, attitude control...)
  3. Mechanical architecture (materials, structures, structural dynamics,..)
  4. Electrical architecture and energy management
  5. Thermal architecture and control
  6. Electronic and computer systems, time synchronization, sensors and actuators
  7. Fluid dynamics
  8. Localization, Navigation
  9. Communications systems and techniques
  10. Propulsion
  11. Man/machine Interface, Operations
  12. Space Exploration
  13. Remote sensing, GIS
  14. Aeronautics, Space and Society: Safety of people and goods, environmental protection (noise, pollution, space debris,...), space medicine, social sciences, law and regulations,...
  15. Project management, product assurance and reliability, quality, standardization
  16. System Engineering, design, qualification tests, manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance