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Bachelor Technicien projets en ingénierie numérique

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Objectives: The Bachelor of Technician projects in digital engineering trains qualified technicians capable of mastering methods, tools and technologies for the engineering, implementation, management and improvement of production systems for goods or services in the context of of the Industry of the future.

Intended for: The Bachelor of Technician projects in digital engineering is accessible with a level V or equivalent (BTS CPI, CPRP, EPC, CRCI…).

Degree Level (EU) : (niveau 6) - (EQC level or equivalent)

Duration and terms: This training takes place on a work-study basis over one year, ie 1400 hours with a duration of 595 hours of teaching in a center, or 17 weeks of 35 hours and 805 hours in a company, or 23 weeks of internship.

Bachelor skills certificate.
Thesis and defense, part of which will be carried out in English.
Language Proficiency Diploma (DCL) or TOEIC Certification in English at CECRL B1 level.
Dassault Systèmes "3D EXPERIENCE" certification

Partnerships with national organisations: Airbus, Dassault Systèmes

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  • Engineering Sciences
  • System Engineering, Programme Management, Production


  • 11 - Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Modelling, Optimisation, Digital and Data Sciences, Big Data, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence
  • 17 - Project Management, Production, Industrialization, Factory of the Future, Integration, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Recycling