Aerospace Education Catalogue

M.Eng. Electrical Engineering

  • Organisation: B T U Brandenburg
  • Type of Course: initial training
  • Language(s): Deutch
  • Place: Campus Senftenberg
  • Level of entry: French Baccalaureat + 3

Course Details

Objectives: The applied study programme in Electrical Engineering runs over three semesters and begins with a two-semester in-depth study in the specializations of either communications technology, process automisation or energy systems. You will have the opportunity to actively work on current research projects at the university or in partner institutes whilst also completing the general modules in theoretical electrical engineering and learning the fundamentals of project management. With the master’s thesis in the third semester you will complete the highest level of the qualification.
Professional Fields of Activity

Work in regional and national companies in the electronics industry, in the fields of microsystems and microelectronics and communications technology, communications and energy technology, work in research and technology development or sales

Work in the field of design and planning, sales and production, maintenance and commissioning of energy plants, with potential for leadership roles Work in the public sector, in teaching, research and administration As a scientific staff member of a University with a view to obtaining a doctorate

Intended for: Students

Level of training (FR) : I

Admission requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering discipline or an equivalent degree, e.g.; in Biomedical Engineering with 210 CP
Possible: Bachelor’s degree with 180 CP plus individual additional modules to obtain the missing 30 CP

Duration and terms: 3 semesters

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Aerospace related thematics

  • 7 - Electrical systems (generation, storage and management of energy), Actuators, Microsystems
  • 8 - Avionics and on-board Systems (embedded networks, sensors, instrumentation, etc.), Real-time Systems
  • 17 - Project Management, Production, Industrialization, Factory of the Future, Integration, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Recycling