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BUT Mesures Physiques

  • Organisation: IUT Aix Marseille Université - site de Marseille St Jérôme
    (Aix - Marseille Université (AMU))
  • Type of Course: Initial education - Sandwich/Apprenticeship training
  • Language(s): French
  • Place: Marseille (French Regions: PACA)
  • Prepared diploma/grade/title: BUT (three-year technological university degree)
  • Level of entry: French Baccalaureat + 0

Course Details

Objectives: This very general training (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Expression) allows direct professional integration in very diverse sectors (energy and renewable energies, transport, materials, sound professions, environment, biomedical, aeronautics ...) but also allows to '' access many types of study pursuits.

This training gives rise, over three years of continuous assessment, to the issuance of a University Bachelor of Technology (B.U.T) in Physical Measurements.
Among the three national courses of the B.U.T. Physical Measurements, the MP department of Marseille will offer from the 2021/2022 academic year the following two courses:

• Technical Instrumentation (TI) course
• Materials and Physico-Chemical Controls course (MCPC)In addition to basic scientific education, specialised courses in:
• Vacuum Techniques • acoustics • Vibrations • Optics (fibre optics, detectors, polarization...) • Sensors • measurement chains • Electronic data acquisition and processing • Signal processing • logic • Automatic • Industrial Computing , Thermal, Semiconductor • Physicochemical analytical methods, materials, etc.

Degree Level (EU) : 6 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Duration and terms: 3 years

Dedicated web site:


  • Engineering Sciences
  • System Engineering, Programme Management, Production


  • 3 - Mechanical Engineering (structures, structural dynamics…), Materials (composites, metallurgy, forming…), Processes, Chemistry, Mechatronics
  • 6 - Propulsion, Thermodynamics, Pyrotechnics
  • 16 - System Engineering, Product Assurance and Safety, Qualification/Testing, Validation & Verification, Metrology, Certification