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Master 2 Droit des Affaires, Mention Droit et Management du Transport Aérien

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Objectives: Students acquire basic skills in most fields of management and law applied to the air with over 800 hours of courses, conferences, professional visits, group work.
IFURTA's students will be working with the airlines, managers of airports and aircraft manufacturers.
This Master is associated with DU (university degree)

Diploma of Higher Education in University Airlines and Space Insurance (DESUAAS) for lawyers.
Studies Graduate Diploma in Economics and Air Transport Management (DESEGTA) for all other formations.

Intended for: students with a law degree or equivalent, as well as professionals, as part of their continuing education.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements: Students and professionals with a Master's degree or university 1 or coming fron Higher school of management or engineering.

Acquired skills during the training : Know how to analyze a situation and qualify it legally in the field of business
be able to find and update relevant information
have a dialectical vision of the situation
master legal argumentation and problem solving
master the different digital media
The ability to work in a team

Targeted careers : specialize in the classic areas of business law such as company law, intellectual property, international trade law, social law, maritime, land or air transport law, banking law, but also in more innovative or original fields such as sports law, rural enterprise law, environmental and quality law, or insurance law, and Chinese business law.

Duration and terms: One Year

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  • Human and Social Sciences


  • 19 - Law and Business Engineering: Law, Regulations, Standards, Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Purchasing, Contracts, Intellectual Property, etc.