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DU Principe et Simulation de Vol (PSV)

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Objectives: The principles and flight simulation can address all components of the principles of ground flight simulator and verify the technical knowledge of the flight, ie
- Check the record flight, the flight plan, the technical data of the device and check the fuel level and weather
- Perform checks and preparation of cockpit equipment and materials of the cell with the cabin crew-PNC-
- Transmit and exchange information with the flight crew and technical staff on the ground
- Organizing or supervising shipboard operations (loading, passenger reception, ...) and implement emergency measures in the event of contingencies
- Carry out the implementation of flight control and landing of the aircraft and carry out technical checks at each stage
- Check the settings for navigation and operation of the aircraft in flight and adjust the flight plan in conjunction with the air traffic control centers
- Establish the different accounts of the end of the flight and send the relevant

Intended for: Student - jobseekers - employee - training throughout life

Prerequisites: Bac or equivalent

Admission requirements: Une Commission d’admission se réunit annuellement pour définir individuellement les critères d’éligibilité des candidats ayant rempli un dossier de préinscription, incluant leur curriculum vitae, l’ensemble des diplômes et attestations professionnelles justifiant de leur parcours et argumentant leur projet professionnel auquel répond ce D.U. de 1er cycle.

Duration and terms: The courses take place at the Ecole de l'Air de Salon for the military and at POLYAERO Hautes-Alpes for the civilians. The teaching is divided into 4 units over a period of 3 months, for a total of 255 hours. The teaching methods are diversified: theoretical courses, tutorials, concrete case studies. This diversity must be brought to each seminar and it therefore implies the active participation of the students. The control of knowledge is continuous.

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Partnerships with national organisations: EOAA - EFSOAA - DCI Airco

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  • Engineering Sciences
  • Applications, Operations


  • 2 - Dynamics and Kinetics (flight dynamics, space dynamics, constellations, formation flying, attitude and orbit control...)
  • 13 - Positioning, Navigation, GNSS
  • 14 - Transports, Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS), Mobility, Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • 18 - Human Factors, Human Machine Interfaces, Operations, Exploitation, Air Traffic Management