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Ingénieur Génie mécanique

  • Organisation: ISAT
  • Type of Course: Sandwich/Apprenticeship training
  • Language(s): French
  • Place: Nevers (French Regions: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)
  • Prepared diploma/grade/title: Diplôme d’ingénieur (French national engineering degree)
  • Level of entry: French Baccalaureat + 2

Course Details

Objectives: The engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISAT of the University of Burgundy in partnership with the ITII of Burgundy is an engineering training whose approach is focused on the re-design of innovative products and processes integrating according to the specialization chosen the dimension "ERGONOMICS & BIOMECHANICS" or "TECHNICAL PURCHASES & TECHNOLOGICAL WATCH". Innovative, empowered training (CTI).
The host company is at the heart of the training system: there have been more than 120 companies for more than 25 years.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Acquired skills during the training : Depending on the option chosen, the Mechanical Engineer, option Biomechanical Ergonomics, knows:

design or adapt products or processes to the mechanical constraints of the human body
optimize the human / machine interface as part of the prevention of MSDs
bring together technical and human specifications to reduce discomfort.
The Mechanical Engineer, Technical Purchasing option knows:

redesigning products and manufacturing processes to help reduce costs
globally see the design and choices of outsourced solutions
master technical purchasing and identify opportunities for change.

Targeted careers : Design office manager, business manager, research and development engineer, project manager, calculations and tests engineer ... The mechanical engineer manages the design of innovative products, by integrating ergonomic and technical constraints into various sectors of activity: automobile construction, aeronautics, naval, railway construction, maintenance, steel industry ...

Duration and terms: The training is structured over three years: 36 months full-time, excluding legal leave acquired by the employee. The principle is that of an alternation between academic training mainly carried out within ISAT and in-company training, provided in the host company under the supervision of the apprentice master.

Partnerships with national organisations: ITII Bourgogne

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  • Engineering Sciences
  • System Engineering, Programme Management, Production
  • Human and Social Sciences


  • 3 - Mechanical Engineering (structures, structural dynamics…), Materials (composites, metallurgy, forming…), Processes, Chemistry, Mechatronics
  • 17 - Project Management, Production, Industrialization, Factory of the Future, Integration, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Recycling
  • 19 - Law and Business Engineering: Law, Regulations, Standards, Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Purchasing, Contracts, Intellectual Property, etc.