Aerospace Education Catalogue

BUT Génie Mécanique et Productique

  • Organisation: IUT Le Creusot
    (Université de Bourgogne)
  • Type of Course: Initial education - Life-long learning - Sandwich/Apprenticeship training
  • Language(s): French
  • Place: Le Creusot (French Regions: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)
  • Prepared diploma/grade/title: BUT (three-year technological university degree)
  • Level of entry: French Baccalaureat + 0

Course Details

Objectives: BUT GMP trains industry generalists capable of ensuring the life cycle of an industrial product from design to industrialization.

This training allows the graduate:

to contribute to the competitiveness of companies at all stages of the life of a product by optimizing technical, scientific, economic and human choices and by integrating the requirements of quality, maintenance and safety;
to work in various economic sectors (aeronautics, automobile, household appliances, environment, energy, sports, etc.);
to collaborate with different actors of the company;
to continue his training course.

Degree Level (EU) : 6 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Targeted careers : Teaching in GMP is designed in such a way as to promote the student's integration into working life by maintaining permanent contact with specialists in the profession and by concretizing theoretical teaching through practical work and achievements (study of prototypes , serial work, business game, handling and use of industrial machinery and equipment).

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  • Engineering Sciences
  • System Engineering, Programme Management, Production


  • 3 - Mechanical Engineering (structures, structural dynamics…), Materials (composites, metallurgy, forming…), Processes, Chemistry, Mechatronics
  • 17 - Project Management, Production, Industrialization, Factory of the Future, Integration, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Recycling