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Master Observation de la Terre et géomatique

  • Organisation: Faculté de Géographie et d'Aménagement Strasbourg
    (Université de Strasbourg - Unistra)
  • Type of Course: initial training - continuing education
  • Language(s): French
  • Place: Strasbourg (French Regions: Grand-Est)
  • Prepared diploma/grade/title: Master degree
  • Level of entry: French Baccalaureat + 3

Course Details

Objectives: The Master Earth Observation and Geomatics aims to:

- Give students advanced training in remote sensing (radiation sensors, image processing, ...) and geomatics (collection technologies, management, analysis, interpretation and representation of information Digital geographic).

- Learn theoretical and practical observation, modeling and representation. This is to appropriate information (sources, nature and structure), technical acquisition, management, and processing and analysis than to the performance.

- Interpret and use spatial information in territorial and environmental approaches in the fields of the environment, risk management, management of territories and natural resources.

Intended for: Students

Level of training (FR) : I - Level of training (EU) : 7

Admission requirements: En Master 1 : accès direct pour les étudiants titulaires d'une licence de géographie de l'Université de Strasbourg et accès sur dossier pour les étudiants titulaires d'une autre licence (Sciences de la terre, Informatique, etc).

En Master 2 : admission sur dossier

En formation continue : admission sur dossier pour les salariés ayant au moins 5 ans d'expérience dans le secteur professionnel de l'information géographique.

Duration and terms: 4 semesters

Dedicated web site:

Space or Aerospace Domains

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Applications, Operations
  • Human and Social Sciences

Aerospace related thematics

  • 11 - Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Modelling, Optimisation, Digital and Data Sciences, Big Data, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence
  • 15 - Earth Observation, Remote Sensing, GIS, Geomatics
  • 21 - Natural Resources and Environment Management/Protection, Infrastructures