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Master 2 Mécanique, Parcours Fluids and Solids

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Objectives: The Fluids and Solids (F&S) course offers scientific training with the aim of understanding, modeling and analyzing fluid and solid media present in particular in the environment, in natural processes, in interface with biology, or even in industrial processes.

Intended for: students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Prerequisites: Study level M1 in continuous media mechanics, mathematical methods in physics, scientific computing. English proficiency.
And level M1 in fluid and solid mechanics and experimental methods.

Acquired skills during the training : Mastery of mechanical and physical concepts and models of complex fluids and solids.
Propose relevant theoretical and numerical models of mechanical systems in a multi-physical environment.
Develop laboratory test protocols to reproduce and analyze the key mechanisms associated with mechanical systems in natural and living environments.
Pilot multidisciplinary research and development projects, particularly in the fields of environment, sustainable energy, health, risk and security.

Duration and terms: 2 years

Partnerships with national organisations: Laboratories: IRPHE, IUSTI, LMA, M2P2, at the Château-Gombert technopole in Marseille.

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  • Engineering Sciences


  • 3 - Mechanical Engineering (structures, structural dynamics…), Materials (composites, metallurgy, forming…), Processes, Chemistry, Mechatronics
  • 5 - Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Acoustics
  • 11 - Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Modelling, Optimisation, Digital and Data Sciences, Big Data, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence